Theo Matejko

Theo Matejko (18 June 1893 – 9 September 1946) was an Austrian illustrator. He served in World War I and covered racing car events.[1] In October 1928, with Ludwig Dettmann, he was invited on the first transatlantic flight of the airship Graf Zeppelin, where he made an artistic record of the voyage.[2][3] He was involved in the design work for the posters for the 1936 Olympics. He worked on Die Wehrmacht magazine during World War II; at the beginning of the war, he published a series of drawings depicting the horrors of indiscriminate bombing on civilians.[4] In 1961 the Museum of Modern Art in New York City had an exhibition of his film posters.[5] His work is collected in museums like the Imperial War Museum[6] the Victoria and Albert Museum.[7] and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.[8]

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