The Yanks Are Coming (1942 film)

The Yanks Are Coming is a 1942 American patriotic musical film from Poverty Row studio Producers Releasing Corporation directed by Alexis Thurn-Taxis.[1]

The Yanks Are Coming
The Yanks Are Coming FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byAlexis Thurn-Taxis
Screenplay byArthur St. Claire
and Sherman Lowe
(screen adaptation)
Edith Watkins
(additional dialogue)
Based onOriginal story by
Tony Stern, Lew Pollack
and Edward E. Kaye
Produced byLester Cutler
StarringHenry King and His Orchestra
Mary Healy
Little Jackie Heller
(Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom
William Roberts
Dorothy Dare
Narrated byAnson Bond
CinematographyMarcel Le Picard A.S.C.
Edited byFred Bain
Music byLee Zahler
(musical director)
Distributed byProducers Releasing Corporation
Release date
9 November 1942
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited States


During World War II singer Bob Reynolds leaves his band to enlist in the US Army. His band soon follows him where the Army uses the group to put on a show for the troops.




Text in opening creditsEdit

"This picture is humbly dedicated to
The millions of Yanks and the Armed Forces of the United Nations whose devotion, gallantry and courage is destined to wipe the Axis scourge from the face of the earth, in order that Democracy and the Freedom of Man may survive."

Narration by Anson BondEdit

"This is America. Homeland of a people strong and self reliant... proud in the way of free men. A land where liberty, equality and justice are living breathing symbols of a way of life. Where the right of free speech, freedom of the press and the right to worship without hindrance or let are a nation's birthright. A nation without master, without slave, where the right to education and learning are limited only by ambition... where old age is venerated and loved... not beaten and destroyed. And where the right to the pursuit of happiness is open to all, regardless of race, creed or color... where music and the other arts are not restricted by the word verboten."


Music by Lew Pollack and Tony Stern, lyrics by Herman Ruby and Sidney ClareEdit

  • "The Yanks Are Coming" (Henry King and his Orchestra)
  • "I Must Have Priorities on Your Love" (William Roberts [singing voice of uncredited William Marshall] and Lynn Starr)
  • " There Will Be No Blackout of Democracy"
  • "Zip Your Lip" (Parkyarkarkus)

Music and lyrics by Kay Crothers and Dr. Arthur GarlandEdit

  • Don't Fool Around with My Heart (William Roberts [singing voice of uncredited William Marshall] and Lynn Starr)


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