The Weird Circle

The Weird Circle was a syndicated radio drama series produced in New York and originally broadcast between 1943 and 1945.[1]

The Weird Circle
GenreDrama and suspense
Running time30 minutes
Country of originUnited States
SyndicatesMutual Broadcasting System
NBC Red network
ABC Blue Network
StarringGladys Thornton
Audrey Totter,
Chester Stratton
Eleanor Audley,
Arnold Moss,
Lawson Zerbe
Walter Vaughn
Regis Joyce
Fred Barron
Original releaseJuly 8, 1943 – 1945
No. of episodes78

Production backgroundEdit

The series was a Ziv Production, produced at RCA's New York studios and licensed by the Mutual Broadcasting System, and later, NBC's Red network. It lasted two seasons, 39 shows each (78 total)[2] consisting mostly of radio adaptations of classic horror stories from the pens of the world's best known and respected supernatural fiction authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson and Charles Dickens. The production values were modest and it featured very little music.[3]

Series opening/closingEdit

Standard openingEdit

(SFX: Running water, perhaps a sea surf. Bell tolls)

Old Man: "In this cave by the restless sea, we are met to call from out of the past, stories strange and weird. Bell keeper, toll the bell, so that all may know that we are gathered again in The Weird Circle."

Alternate openingEdit

Announcer: "Out of the past, phantoms from a world gone by speak again the immortal tale (episode title)."

Standard closingEdit

Host: "From the time worn pages of the past, we have recalled, (episode title). Bell Keeper, toll the bell!

(SFX: Bell tolls)


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