The Way to Paradise (film)

The Way to Paradise (Put u raj) is a 1970 Croatian film directed by Mario Fanelli and written by Miroslav Krleža, starring Boris Buzančić and Ljuba Tadić.[2] Krleža based the script on his own novellas The Cricket under a Waterfall and The Finale. It was the first film adaptation of his literary work, and the only one he was personally involved with.[1][3]

The Way to Paradise
CroatianPut u raj
Directed byMario Fanelli
Written byMiroslav Krleža
CinematographyTomislav Pinter
Edited byRadojka Tanhofer
Music byNikica Kalogjera [hr]
Release date
  • 17 November 1970 (1970-11-17)
Running time
96 minutes[1]


A man dies and goes to heaven, escaping the predicament of the modern civilisation. However, once there, he encounters similar people and situations.



The film was poorly received at the time of its release.[4] Croatian cinema historian Ivo Škrabalo described it as a film where "Krležian rhetoric was not completed by suggestive development of the plot, so that one could hear only an outpouring of words on the screen, without connected connotations found in literature."[1] The film did not enter competition at the 1971 Pula Film Festival.[1]

Krleža disagreed with the critics of The Way to Paradise who had argued that extensive "meditative dialogue" dominated the film, maintaining his belief that "the human word in a film is equivalent to camera" and that without it, film is "merely commedia dell'arte and nothing else". Nevertheless, he was disappointed by the reception, and denied permissions for film adaptations of his works for the rest of his life.[3]


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