The Voice of Germany (season 3)

The Voice of Germany (season 3) is a German reality talent show that premiered on 17 October 2013 on ProSieben and Sat.1. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol.[1] It is part of an international series. Xavier Naidoo and Rea Garvey have been replaced with Max Herre and Samu Haber, singer of the Finnish pop-rock band Sunrise Avenue. This season adopted the Knockout round as seen in the US version of The Voice.[2]

The Voice of Germany
Season 3
Hosted byThore Schölermann
Doris Golpashin (V Reporter)
Max Herre
Samu Haber
The BossHoss
WinnerAndreas Kümmert
Winning coachMax Herre
Runner-upChris Schummert
Original networkProSieben and Sat.1
Original releaseOctober 17 (2013-10-17) –
December 20, 2013 (2013-12-20)
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 2
Next →
Season 4

The first phase: The Blind AuditionsEdit

Key   Coach hit his or her "I WANT YOU" button
  Contestant eliminated with no coach pressing his or her "I WANT YOU" button
  Contestant defaulted to this coach's team
  Contestant elected to join this coach's team

Episode 1: October 17, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Nico Gomez "Blurred Lines"        
2 Nilima Chowdhury "Just Give Me a Reason"    
3 Jonas Pütz "Diamonds"      
4 Tümay Zoroğlu "Don't You Worry Child"
5 Laura Kattan "Clown"    
6 Nader Rahy "Plush"    
7 Albulena Krasniqi "Impossible"  
8 Peer Richter "Zu Dir (Weit Weg)"    
9 Ashonte "Dolo" Lee "Tears Always Win"        
10 Kathrin Breuer "My Heart Is Refusing Me"
11 Debbie Schippers "Brand New Me"    
12 Andreas Kümmert "Rocket Man"        

Episode 2: October 18, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Katharina Schoofs "Irgendwo Anders"        
2 Isaac Roosevelt "Get Lucky"    
3 Sina Rösener "I'm Alive"
4 Larissa Evans "Trouble"  
5 Philip Bölter "The Dreamer"      
6 Thorunn Egilsdóttir   "Winter"        
7 Hanna Iser "Nobody's Fool"    
8 Norisha Campbell   "Why"    
9 Agatino Sciurti "Love Me Again"  
10 Tiana Kruškić "Try"    
11 Patrick Schober "How We Do (Party)"
12 Anina Schibli "Price of Love"  
13 Chris Schummert "Pumped Up Kicks"      

Episode 3: October 24, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Tabea Elkarra "Somehow"    
2 Katja Aujesky "She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)"        
3 Mario Gegner "Need You Now"    
4 Judith van Hel "The Way I Tend To Be"  
5 Fredrik "1234"      
6 Menno Reyntjes "Suit & Tie"
7 Joy Masala "Here's to Never Growing Up"    
8 Pascal Diederich "Mich kann nur Liebe retten"  
9 Tesirée Priti "The Other Side"    
10 Hafdís Hallgrimsdóttir "Nothing Compares 2 U"  
11 Violeta Kokollari "Wonder"    
12 Gianni Meurer "Beneath Your Beautiful"
13 David Whitley "Freedom"        

Episode 4: October 25, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Marc Motzer "Fine China"      
2 Emily Intsiful "Give Me Love"    
3 Astrid Chilli Rusznyak "Kiss"    
4 Annika Kron "Never Forget You"        
5 Sibell "I Can't Stand the Rain"  
6 Burkhardt Eiben "Accidentally in Love"
7 Lilith Wieland "Lego House"  
8 Madlen Böhm "Don't Stop the Music"  
9 David Hanselmann "Let's Stay Together"  
10 Rasmus Hoffmeister "Mit jedem deiner Fehler"    
11 Romina Amann "Wild"    
12 Marco Musca "Come Home"  
13 Aalijah Tabatha Hahnemann "My Baby Left Me"        
14 Margit Silay "Sleeping Satellite"  
15 Sarah Ego "Come & Get It"

Episode 5: October 31, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Akina Ingold "The Last Day on Earth"    
2 Tal Ofarim "Hello World"  
3 Yvonne Rüller "Under"  
4 Caro Trischler "Last Request"  
5 Ron van Lankeren "It's a Beautiful Day"
6 Cathrin Joksch "I Can't Make You Love Me"      
7 Leon Rudolf "Counting Stars"    
8 Gentiana Merturi "R.I.P."    
9 Msoke Mhina "I Need a Dollar"    
10 Janine Hecht "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"    
11 Jannik Ridiger "Another Love"
12 Anja Lerch "Both Sides, Now"  
13 Manuel Storz "Who Did That To You?"  
14 Lisette Whitter "Teach Me How to Be Loved"  
15 Yasemin "Jazz" Akkar "If I Ain't Got You"        

Episode 6: November 1, 2013Edit

Order Contestant Song Coaches' and Contestants' Choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Holger Brokmann "Army of Two"        
2 Alex Radloff "I Feed You My Love"  
3 Ines Koch "Me and Mrs. Jones"    
4 John Noville "This Time"  
5 Alina Neichel "Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down"
6 Karen Firlej "Good Luck"    
7 Georgina Mettbach "Love You I Do"  
8 Juri Rother "Higher Love"  
9 Sarah Koell   "Where I Come From"      
10 Clare Sheridan "Tangled Up"
11 Zsuzsa Magyar "This Ain't Goodbye"    
12 Johny Fraser "Maybe Tomorrow"  
13 Astrid Lonergan "Chasing Pavements"  
14 John Eid "Nie vergessen"  
15 Nonhle Beryl "Mr. Know It All"    

The second phase: The Battle RoundsEdit

For this first time, this series will see the Steal Deal where eliminated contestants can be stolen by other coaches.

  – Coach hit his/her "I WANT YOU" button
  – Artist defaulted to this coaches team
  – Artist elected to join this coaches team
  – Battle winner
  – Battle loser
  - Battle loser but was saved by another coach

Episode 7: November 7, 2013Edit

Order Coach Artist Song Coaches and artists choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Max Herre Janine Hecht Andreas Kümmert N/A "To Love Somebody"   N/A  
2 Samu Haber Ashonte Lee Marco Musca Tesirée Priti "All the Right Moves" N/A
3 The BossHoss Lisette Whitter Anina Schibli N/A "Stay" N/A
4 Nena John Noville Anja Lerch N/A "All Along the Watchtower" N/A  
5 Samu Haber Chris Schummert Agatino Sciurti N/A "Follow Me" N/A
6 Nena Tiana Kruškić Astrid Lonergan N/A "Mercedes Benz" N/A
7 The BossHoss Debbie Schippers Aalijah Tabitha Hahnemann Romina Amann "Black Cat"   N/A

Episode 8: November 8, 2013Edit

Order Coach Artist Song Coaches and artists choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Max Herre Nico Gomez Marc Motzer N/A "Blame It on the Boogie" N/A
2 The BossHoss Caro Trischler Sara Koell N/A "Thinking of You"     N/A
3 Samu Haber Sibell Alex Radloff Judith van Hel "Wherever You Will Go" N/A
4 Nena David Hanselmann Katja Aujesky N/A "Over the Rainbow" N/A
5 Samu Haber Yvonne Rüller Tabea Elkarra N/A "Ironic" N/A
6 The BossHoss Fredrik Holger Brokmann N/A "Lonely Boy" N/A
7 Max Herre Katharina Schoofs Cathrin Joksch N/A "Ohne Dich" N/A
8 Nena Isaac Roosevelt Emily Intsiful Jonas Pütz "Nights in White Satin" N/A  

Episode 9: November 14, 2013Edit

Order Coach Artist Song Coaches and artists choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 Max Herre Leon Rudolf Rasmus Hoffmeister Peer Richter "Zu schnell vorbei" N/A  
2 Nena Msoke Mhina Lilith Wieland N/A "La La La" N/A
3 Samu Haber Nilima Chowdhury Madlen Böhm N/A "Lights" N/A
4 The BossHoss Mario Gegner Philip Bölter N/A "I Will Wait" N/A
5 Max Herre Nonhle Beryl Yasemin "Jazz" Akkar N/A "Love on Top" N/A
6 Samu Haber Joy Masala Margit Silay N/A "You Know I'm No Good" N/A
7 The BossHoss David Whitley Hafdís Hallgrimsdóttir N/A "Treasure" N/A
8 Nena Tal Ofarim Thorunn Egilsdóttir Nader Rahy "Kiss from a Rose" N/A  

Episode 10: November 15, 2013Edit

Order Coach Artist Song Coaches and artists choices
Nena Max Herre Samu Haber The BossHoss
1 The BossHoss Albulena Krasniqi Zsuzsa Magyar Gentiana Merturi "Sweet Nothing"   N/A
2 Samu Haber Johny Fraser Manuel Storz N/A "Hall of Fame" N/A
3 Max Herre Violeta Kokollari Hanna Iser N/A "Sleep" N/A
4 Nena Georgina Mettbach Norisha Campbell N/A "Sign o' the Times" N/A
5 Max Herre Karen Firlej Larissa Evans N/A "La La La" N/A
6 The BossHoss Astrid "Chilli" Rusznyak Juri Rother N/A "Next to Me" N/A
7 Max Herre Ines Koch Annika Kron N/A "Wake Me Up" N/A
8 Nena John Eid Pascal Diederich N/A "Weil das morgen noch so ist" N/A
9 Samu Haber Akina Ingold Laura Kattan N/A "Wings"   N/A

The third phase: The Showdown RoundEdit

Two contestants sing an individual song and the coach decides which contestant will advance to the Live Shows.

Color key:

       Artist won the showdown and advances to the Live shows
       Artist lost the showdown and was eliminated

Episode 11: November 21, 2013Edit

Coach Order Song Artists Song
Nena 1 "All the Man That I Need" Norisha Campbell Laura Kattan "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"
BossHoss 2 "Alive" Tal Ofarim Philip Bölter "Come Together"
Samu 3 "Work It Out" Sibell Tesirée Priti "Firework"
Max 4 "Superstition" Nico Gomez Isaac Roosevelt "A Real Mother for You"
BossHoss 5 "One Life" Janine Hecht Debbie Schippers "Don't Stop"
Max 6 "Little Lion Man" Leon Rudolf Peer Richter "Ich Will Nur"
Nena 7 "Please Sister" Þorunn Egilsdóttir Jonas Pütz "Shoulda"
Samu 8 "Soul's On Fire" Ashonte Lee Yvonne Rüller "Heartbeat"

Episode 12: November 22, 2013Edit

Coach Order Song Artists Song
BossHoss 1 "Soulmate" Aalijah Tabatha Hahnemann Zsuzsa Magyar "Don't Let Go (Love)"
Nena 2 "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" David Hanselmann John Noville "No Woman, No Cry"
Max 3 "You Got the Love" Katharina Schoofs Sara Koell "Sex on Fire"
Samu 4 "Fast Car" Chris Schummert Rasmus Hoffmeister "Kraniche"
Nena 5 "No More Drama" Gentiana Merturi Emily Intsiful "Home"
Samu 6 "Red" Joy Masala Judith van Hel "The First Cut Is the Deepest"
Max 7 "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" Violeta Kokollari Annika Kron "One and Only"
BossHoss 8 "A Song for You" David Whitley Albulena Krasniqi "Nobody's Perfect"

Episode 13: November 28, 2013Edit

Coach Order Song Artists Song
BossHoss 1 "Walking in Memphis" Juri Rother Caro Trischler "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Max 2 "Heaven" Jazz Akkar Karen Firlej "Thinkin Bout You"
Nena 3 "Bei meiner Seele" Pascal Diederich Nader Rahy "Nutshell"
Samu 4 "We Found Love" Akina Ingold Nilima Chowdhury "Autumn Leaves"
BossHoss 5 "Personal Jesus" Fredrik Anina Schibli "Hard Knocks"
Nena 6 "Tears Dry on Their Own" Lilith Wieland Tiana Kruskic "Proud Mary"
Samu 7 "Save Room" Manuel Storz Romina Amman "Nasty Naughty Boy"
Max 8 "I'd Rather Go Blind" Anja Lerch Andreas Kümmert "A Whiter Shade of Pale"

The fourth phase: The Live showsEdit

The live shows started on 29 November 2013 and concluded with the Final on 20 December 2013. All Live shows were broadcast on Sat.1. In the first two live shows the six remaining contestants of every team were split in groups of three. After all the contestants in each group had sung their individual songs, the responsible coach had to award 20, 30 & 50 points to these contestants. After this a televoting had been held, which made up 50% of voting. The contestant with the most points advanced to final.

In the Semifinal and Final the coach didn't vote and only the public decided who will advance and win The voice of Germany 2013.

Episode 14: November 29, 2013Edit

Coach Candidate Song Total Points
Coach Public Total
1. Samu Haber Tesirée Priti "Wrecking Ball" 30 13,0 043,0
Judith van Hel "The Power of Love" 50 73,9 123,9
Nilima Chowdhury "Symphonie" 20 13,1 033,1
2. The BossHoss David Whitley "When Love Takes Over" 30 33,0 063,0
Anina Schibli "Seven Nation Army" 20 21,7 041,7
Debbie Schippers "Nobody Knows" 50 45,3 095,3
3. Nena Nader Rahy "Kashmir" 30 36,7 066,7
Laura Kattan "Sunrise" 20 24,7 044,7
Tiana Kruskic "Bad" 50 38,6 088,6
4. Max Herre Violeta Kokollari "Strong" 30 09,0 039,0
Katharina Schoofs "Meine Worte" 20 04,8 024,8
Andreas Kümmert "If You Don't Know Me by Now" 50 86,2 136,2
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
14.1 Ivy Quainoo ft. Top 12 Liveshow #1 "Atomic"
14.2 Team Nena
(Nena, Nader Rahy, Laura Kattan, Tiana Kruskic, John Noville, Emily Intsiful & Thorunn Egilsdottir)
"Solange Du Dir Sorgen machst"
14.3 Sunrise Avenue "Live Saver"

Episode 15: December 6, 2013Edit

Coach Candidate Song Total Points
Coach Public Total
1. The BossHoss Tal Ofarim "A Thousand Years" 30 41,2 071,2
Aalijah Tabatha Hahnemann "Roar" 20 11,2 031,2
Caro Trischler "The Boys of Summer" 50 47,5 097,5
2. Samu Haber Romina Amman "Sway" 20 15,3 035,3
Chris Schummert "Hey Brother" 50 65,9 115,9
Yvonne Rüller "Weak" 30 18,8 047,8
3. Max Herre Jazz Akkar "Umbrella" 30 14,1 044,1
Nico Gomez "LoveStoned" 20 33,7 053,7
Peer Richter "Sie sieht mich nicht" 50 52,2 102,2
4. Nena John Noville "Wonderful Life" 20 13,7 033,7
Emily Intsiful "Walzer für Niemand" 50 40,4 090,4
Thorunn Egilsdottir "The Scientist" 30 45,9 075,9
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
15.1 Blue Man Group ft. Top 12 Liveshow #2 "Applause"
15.2 OneRepublic ft. Top 12 Liveshow #2 "Counting Stars"
15.3 Nick Howard ft. Judith van Hel, Debbie Schippers, Tiana Kruskic & Andreas Kümmert "Untouchable"
15.4 The BossHoss "Do it"

Episode 16 (Semifinal): December 13, 2013Edit

The semifinal saw the introduction of "The Cross-Battles". Two contestant of different teams sing an individual song. The contestant with the most public votes advances to the final. After the announcement of the finalist, the winning contestant sang his winning song. All songs, also the ones which were not presented live, were released on iTunes. Every download counted as two phone calls from the public in the final voting.

Coach Candidate Song Televote
(in %)
Winning Single
of Finalist
1. Max Herre Peer Richter "Unter die Haut" 28,7
Samu Haber Chris Schummert "Every Breath You Take" 71,3 "The Singer"
2. Samu Haber Judith van Hel "Chasing Cars" 73,1 "Fucking Beautiful"
Nena Emily Intsiful "Hey Jude" 26,9
3. Nena Tiana Kruskic "Ja Nisam Tu" 42,3
The BossHoss Debbie Schippers "With or Without You" 57,7 "Skin and Bones"
4. The BossHoss Caro Trischler "Your Song" 21,1
Max Herre Andreas Kümmert "With a Little Help from My Friends" 78,9 "Simple Man"
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
15.1 Katy Perry ft. Peer Richter, Chris Schummert, Debbie Schippers & Caro Trischler "Unconditionally"
15.2 Katy Perry "Dark Horse"
15.3 Michael Bublé ft. Judith van Hel, Emily Intsiful, Tiana Kruskic & Andreas Kümmert "After All"
15.4 Max Herre ft. Joy Denalane & Gentleman "Tabula Rasa" &

Episode 17 (Final): December 20, 2013Edit

Coach Contestant Songs Televoting and Downloads in %
1. Max Herre Andreas Kümmert Winner Single "Simple Man" 47,44
Duet with Coach "So Wundervoll"
Duet with Guest Artist "Nothing's Real but Love" with Rebecca Ferguson
2. Samu Haber Chris Schummert Winner Single "The Singer" 27,54
Duet with Coach "Faith"
Duet with Guest Artist "Bonfire Heart" with James Blunt
3. Samu Haber Judith van Hel Winner Single "Fucking Beautiful" 17,51
Duet with Coach "Enjoy The Silence"
Duet with Guest Artist "Another Love" with Tom Odell
4. The BossHoss Debbie Schippers Winner Single "Skin And Bones" 7,51
Duet with Coach "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
Duet with Guest Artist "Burn" with Ellie Goulding

Elimination ChartEdit


Color key
Artist's info
Result details
Live show results per week
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Finals
Andreas Kümmert Safe Safe Winner
Chris Schummert Safe Safe Runner-Up
Judith van Hel Safe Safe 3rd Place
Debbie Schippers Safe Safe 4th Place
Tiana Kruskic Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 3)
Peer Richter Safe Eliminated
Emily Intsiful Safe Eliminated
Caro Trischler Safe Eliminated
Thorunn Egilsdottir Eliminated Eliminated (Week 2)
Tal Ofarim Eliminated
Nico Gomez Eliminated
Yvonne Rciller Eliminated
Jazz Akkar Eliminated
Romina Amman Eliminated
John Noville Eliminated
Aalijah Tabatha Hahnemann Eliminated
Nader Rahy Eliminated Eliminated (Week 1)
David Whitley Eliminated
Laura Kattan Eliminated
Tesirée Priti Eliminated
Anina Schibli Eliminated
Violeta Kokollari Eliminated
Nilima Chowdhury Eliminated
Katharina Schoofs Eliminated


Episode Date Viewers Market share Source
Total 14 to 49 years Total 14 to 49 years
Blind Audition 1 17 October 2013 4.03 Mio. 2.73 Mio. 13.5% 24.1% [3]
Blind Audition 2 18 October 2013 4.57 Mio. 2.80 Mio. 15.2% 25.9% [4]
Blind Audition 3 24 October 2013 4.16 Mio. 2.89 Mio. 13.7% 23.8% [5]
Blind Audition 4 25 October 2013 4.12 Mio. 2.54 Mio. 14.0% 23.7% [6]
Blind Audition 5 31 October 2013 3.77 Mio. 2.44 Mio. 13.0% 23.1% [7]
Blind Audition 6 1 November 2013 4.13 Mio. 2.63 Mio. 13.1% 22.6% [8]
Battles 1 7 November 2013 4.08 Mio. 2.77 Mio. 13.3% 23.4% [9]
Battles 2 8 November 2013 4.06 Mio. 2.60 Mio. 13.1% 23.9% [10]
Battles 3 14 November 2013 3.44 Mio. 2.38 Mio. 11.0% 19.4% [11]
Battles 4 15 November 2013 3.15 Mio. 1.93 Mio. 10.2% 16.6% [12]
Showdown 1 21 November 2013 3.51 Mio. 2.39 Mio. 11.2% 20.2% [13]
Showdown 2 22 November 2013 3.34 Mio. 2.06 Mio. 11.0% 18.2% [14]
Showdown 3 28 November 2013 3.12 Mio. 2.01 Mio. 11.0% 16.8% [15]
Liveshow 1 29 November 2013 2.99 Mio. 1.71 Mio. 10.9% 17.3% [16]
Liveshow 2 6 December 2013 2.80 Mio. 1.68 Mio. 10.6% 16.5% [17]
Semifinal 13 December 2013 2.72 Mio. 1.63 Mio. 9.7% 16.3% [18]
Final 20 December 2013 3.60 Mio. 2.32 Mio. 12.5% 19.8% [19]


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