The Three-Body Problem (film)

The Three-Body Problem (Chinese: 三体) is an unreleased Chinese science fiction 3D film,[2] adapted from The Three-Body Problem series by Liu Cixin, directed by Zhang Fanfan, and starring Feng Shaofeng and Zhang Jingchu.[3][4][5]

The Three-Body Problem
The Three-Body Problem (film) poster.jpeg
Mandarinsān tǐ
Literallythree bodies
Directed byZhang Fanfan
Based onThe Three-Body Problem
by Liu Cixin
Produced byLiu Cixin
StarringFeng Shaofeng
Zhang Jingchu
Beijing Baixingshe Media Development
Youzu Pictures[1]
Distributed byYouzu Pictures
Beijing Baixingshe Media Development[1]
BudgetCN¥200 million

In March 2018, Amazon was rumored to be negotiating for the rights to the project.[6][7] However, YooZoo Pictures released a statement in response stating that it was the "sole owner of the rights for film and TV series adaptations."[7] Although it "was originally scheduled to be released in 2017," the project "was postponed indefinitely due to the company's internal shuffling and the rumored 'bad quality' of the film's first cut."[7]


The film had a budget of CN¥200million (US$30 million).[8] Filming began in March 2015 in Heilongjiang and ended in July 2015,[5] produced by YooZoo Film established in 2014 by Lin Qi.[9]


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