The Tailor (Moroni)

The Tailor (Il sarto in Italian) is one of the better known portraits by Giovanni Battista Moroni. The artwork is a painting on canvas, and it measures 74 cm wide x 97 cm tall. It was created between the years 1565 and 1570. Currently it is located in the National Gallery of London, in the United Kingdom.

Giovanni Battista Moroni’s "The Tailor", 1570-1575.

Portraits were a specialty of Giovanni Battista Moroni’s, and were influence by his teacher, Moretto de Brescia, and by Tiziano and Lorenzo Lotto.[citation needed] His portraits are of those of people of nobility of the provinces, but also, as it is the case with "The Tailor" the portrait is that of an artisan presumably in any common day. The person depicted is from the Fenaroli family.[citation needed] It is interpreted that the work has a psychological dimension to it.

In 2008, this famous painting was displayed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, as part of a collective exposition about portraits during the Renaissance.


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