The Street Song

The Street Song or The Streetsweeper (German: Gassenhauer) is a 1931 German musical crime film directed by Lupu Pick and starring Ina Albrecht, Ernst Busch and Albert Hoermann.[1] It is a Berlin-set film, with sets designed by art director Robert Neppach. The film was a considerable public success and one of its songs, "Marie, Marie," by the Comedian Harmonists, became a hit record.

The Street Song
The Street Song.jpg
Directed byLupu Pick
Written byJohannes Brandt
Produced byLupu Pick
CinematographyRobert Baberske
Eugen Schüfftan
Edited byL. Kish
Music byMarc Roland
Distributed byDeutsche Lichtspiel-Syndikat
Release date
2 April 1931
Running time
97 minutes

A separate French-language version, The Four Vagabonds, was also made.



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