The Straw Hat

The Straw Hat (Russian: Соломенная шляпка, translit. Solomennaya shlyapka) is a 1974 Soviet musical comedy television film directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze based on a play by Eugène Marin Labiche and Marc-Michel.[2] The film's music was composed by Isaac Schwartz.

The Straw Hat
The Straw Hat.jpg
Directed byLeonid Kvinikhidze
Written byLeonid Kvinikhidze
StarringAndrei Mironov
Vladislav Strzhelchik
Zinovi Gerdt
Yefim Kopelyan
Lyudmila Gurchenko
CinematographyYevgeni Shapiro
Edited byAleksandra Borovskaya
Music byIsaac Schwartz
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)
Running time
127 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

Plot summaryEdit

The extravagant life of a charming rentier who thought nothing of consequences. But living on credit finally wakes him up, forcing to end his bachelor's life by marrying the daughter of a wealthy earl for her money. All goes well until a horse eats a certain straw hat, triggering a series of farcical vents interwoven with the marriage.


Songs from the filmEdit

  • Intro song (We actors, minstrels, bards and poets...)
  • I'm getting married, I'm getting married...
  • Song about lovers
  • Song about the straw hat
  • Song about broken hopes
  • Our city isn't worse than Paris...
  • National Guards March
  • Final song (Rest in peace, Eugène Labiche...)

See for the text of the songs (in Russian)


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