The Squire of Alsatia

The Squire of Alsatia is a 1688 comedy play by the English writer Thomas Shadwell.[1] Alsatia was a nickname for the Whitefriars area of London, deriving from Alsace in northeastern France. A restoration comedy, it was performed at the Drury Lane Theatre by the United Company following on from John Crowne's Darius, King of Persia. One of the best-remembered roles, that of the shrewish Mrs. Termagant was first performed by Elizabeth Boutell. It was revived numerous times during the eighteenth century.

The Squire of Alsatia
Written byThomas Shadwell
Date premiered3 May 1688
Place premieredTheatre Royal, Drury Lane
Original languageEnglish
GenreRestoration comedy

The original Drury Lane cast included Anthony Leigh as Sir William Belfond, Philip Griffin as Sir Edward Belfond, Thomas Jevon as Belford senior, William Mountfort as Belfont junior, John Bowman as Trueman, Samuel Sandford as Cheatly, George Powell as Shamwell, George Bright as Captain Hackum, Martin Powell as Attorney, John Freeman as Scrapeall, Cave Underhill as Lolpoop, John Verbruggen as Termagant, Frances Maria Knight as Teresia, Susanna Verbruggen as Isabella, Anne Bracegirdle as Lucia and Elizabeth Boutell as Mrs. Termagant.[2]


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