The Siren's Song (1919 film)

The Siren's Song is a 1919 American silent drama film directed by J. Gordon Edwards and starring Theda Bara. It is not known whether the film currently survives,[1] and it may be a lost film.

The Siren's Song
Theda Bara 1919.jpg
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Directed byJ. Gordon Edwards
Written byCharles Kenyon (scenario)
StarringTheda Bara
Alan Roscoe
CinematographyJohn W. Boyle
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
  • May 4, 1919 (1919-05-04)
Running time
5 reels
CountryUnited States
English intertitles


As described in a film magazine review,[2] Marie Bernais, a Breton village girl, possesses a wonderful voice which her father believes is a gift from the devil. Raoul Nieppe loves her, but fears marrying below his station, and his rejection results in a suicide attempt by Marie. She is rescued by Hector Remey who was once a tenor but is now a Punch and Judy showman. Because of his assistance, she becomes a famous singer. When Raoul finds her, she is the mistress of Gaspard Prevost, a rich merchant who has a wife. Raoul persuades Marie to end the liaison, but she discovers that his anxiety was due to a desire to possess her. Distraught, she persists in singing for soldiers even though she is warned that this would damage her voice. She once again becomes a humble peasant girl. Gaspard, now free due to the death of his wife, seeks her out, and she finds happiness in an honorable marriage.



The film was referenced in a 1919 song of the same name by Roy Turk and Ray Perkins which mentions Bara by name.[3]

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