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The Rodiad is a pornographic poem on the subject of flagellation published by John Camden Hotten in 1871, although falsely dated to 1810. It has been ascribed, apparently falsely, to George Colman the Younger.[1] A candidate for its authorship is Richard Monckton Milnes.[2][3][4] Henderson places it in The Library Illustrative of Social Progress published around 1872 (falsely dated 1777)[5] but it is not in the list of Henry Spencer Ashbee.[6]

The Betuliad, a manuscript in the British Library from Ashbee's bequest,[7] is identical to The Rodiad.[8] It was known under this title to Sir Richard Burton[4] who wrote to Milne on 22 January 1860 praising it.[9][10]

The Canadian author John Glassco repeated the false attribution to Colman and augmented it with an equally fictitious attribution of his own poem Squire Hardman printed in 1967.[11]


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