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The Red Squirrel (Spanish: La ardilla roja) is a 1993 drama film by the Spanish filmmaker Julio Médem, starring Emma Suárez and Nancho Novo.

La ardilla roja
The Red Squirrel
La ardilla roja poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byJulio Médem
Produced byFernando de Garcillán
Enrique López Lavigne
Written byJulio Médem
StarringEmma Suárez
Nancho Novo
Music byTxetxo Bengoetxea
Alberto Iglesias
CinematographyGonzalo F. Berridi
Edited byMaría Elena Sáinz de Rozas
Distributed byColifilms Distribution
Release date
21 April 1993
Running time
114 minutes
LanguageSpanish, German


Jota (Novo), a failed musician whose girlfriend has recently left him, is about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge when a girl on a motorcycle, Sofía (Suárez), crashes off it. Rushing to help her, he discovers she has lost her memory, even forgetting her name. After telling the paramedics and staff at the hospital that she is his girlfriend, he later tells her the same. He invents an entire identity for her, giving her the name Lisa, and a history of their relationship according to his own fantasies. With the hospital psychiatrist starting to become suspicious, he spirits her out of the hospital and away on a trip to the 'Ardilla Roja' campsite, which he claims they have been planning for some while. As their relationship becomes intimate, their behaviour sparks the suspicions of a family of fellow campers (Karra Elejalde and María Barranco) and it becomes clear that Lisa/Sofía's memory is not entirely missing and she is hiding her own past secrets—notably, the existence of a psychotic ex-boyfriend, Félix (Carmelo Gómez), who is rampaging across the country in search of her.


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