The Perfect Match (1988 film)

The Perfect Match is a 1988 film directed by a first-time director, Mark Deimel. The story was by It is a romantic comedy which stars Marc McClure, Jennifer Edwards , Diane Stilwell, Rob Paulsen, Karen Lorre, Jean Byron, Wayne Woodson and Kerry Sherman. The story was by Nick Duretta, David A. Burr and Mark Deimel.

The Perfect Match
Directed byMark Deimel
Produced byMark Deimel
Robert Torrance
Screenplay byNick Duretta
David A. Burr
Mark Deimel
Story byDavid A. Burr
StarringMarc McClure
Jennifer Edwards
Diane Stilwell
Rob Paulsen
Karen Witter
Jean Byron
Wayne Woodson
Kerry Sherman English
Music byTim Torrance
CinematographyRobert Torrance
Edited byCraig A. Colton
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States


The Perfect Match is a comedy film with Marc McClure and Jennifer Edwards in the lead roles[1][2] They come together as a result of an ad placed in a lonely hearts column.[3] Tim Wainwright is almost hitting the 30 year old age mark. He wants to find a nice girl. So he puts an ad in the LA Reader and gets dozens of calls with many of them being scary. He's just about ready to give up on this idea, before things change for the better when he gets a reply from Nancy, who seems to be a nice girl.[4] The thing with him is that he is a man who has little ambition and Nancy is a woman who works at a video store and wastes her time taking college classes which don't get her any closer to graduation. Not being totally honest with each other, they both invent inflated career statuses with her claiming to be a professor and him pretending to own a business. The truth starts to come out and they try to deal with it to make things work in their romance.[5][6] According to Jonathan Rosenbaum, the film is almost identical to Armyan Bernstein's 1987 film Cross My Heart.[7]


This was Mark Deimel's directorial debut. Having raised $875,000 for the film, he began filming in Southern California on June 3rd, 1986. A year later, it played at the Seattle Film Festival on June 3rd, 1987. It's theatrical release was in Southern California on May 27, 1988. On June 3, 1988, it had its release in New York City. It didn't do well theatrically and by late June that year, it was released on home video.[8]



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