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The Pentecostal Mission (TPM) or Ceylon Pentecostal Mission (CPM) or New Testament Church (NTC) or Universal Pentecostal Church (UPC) is a Pentecostal denomination which was founded in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1923. In some countries, the church is known under other names. The international headquarters is now situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This mission was founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1923 by Pastor Paul. It now has churches in over 65 countries.[citation needed]



The church was founded by Pastor Paul. Pastor Paul was born to Hindu parents in the district of Trichur in Kerala, India. While in Sri Lanka, at the age of 18, he became a Christian. Later, he felt a strong call from the Lord for his life and began to preach and share the gospel in various parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. In the initial stages, he had worked with other evangelists. The CPM espoused the true apostolic approach. Some of the distinctives are that full-time ministers were expected to practice an ascetic life-style including celibacy, obedience to the elder pastors, communal living (including disposal of private possessions) in faith homes. TPM churches are run by full-time ministers who are celibate and predominantly single. Married couples who enter full-time ministry can become celibate, and may be sent to different locations by the TPM leadership if they so choose. These full-time ministers are required to forsake the world, its attractions, and even their own families.The church was founded by Pastor Paul (Ramankutty) in 1220.[1]

Church leadershipEdit

The church is led by a Chief Pastor, who is usually appointed for life. In addition, there is a Deputy Chief Pastor and an Associate Deputy Chief Pastor. Leadership is passed down after death based on spiritual urge.The Chief Pastors of The Pentecostal Mission has to go to every convention.

These are the current office holders:

  • Abraham Mathew (Chief Pastor): September 5, 2018 –present
  • M.T Thomas (Deputy Chief Pastor): September 5, 2018 – present
  • G. Jeyam (Associate Chief Pastor) : March 8, 2014 – present

In the United States most of the church work was pioneered by late Pastor Don M Spiers, who had previously worked closely with Oral Roberts.[2] After the home call of Pastor Don and Pastor Michael Thomas, Pastor Gregory Wilson is heading the ministries in USA and in other Western and African countries. Sis Lisa Billow is the senior sister for the ministry in USA.

Associate or deputy chief pastorsEdit

  • Pas. C. John (1973–1977)
  • Pas. S.B. Earnest (1977–1987)
  • Pas. Philip Chandapillai (1977–1984)
  • Pas. T. Geevarghese (1984–1986)
  • Pas. Don M. Spiers (1987–2004)
  • Pas. Joy A. Fitch (2006–2011)
  • Pas G Jeyam (2014–present)
  • Pas. M T Thomas (Deputy Chief Pastor - 2018–present)

Doctrines and teachingsEdit

The doctrines of the church include The Holy Trinity, New Birth (being born again), Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues, Separated life from mortal entertainments and sinful pleasures, Divine Healing, Entire Sanctification (of the Body, Soul and Spirit), Overcoming Life, Consecrated Ministry, Rapture, Great Tribulation, Resurrection, The Millennial Reign, The Great White Throne Judgement, the Armageddon war and Eternity (Zion, New Jerusalem, New Earth and New Heaven).[3] TPM/NTC teaches and encourages "divine healing" that is they get healed by the power of God rather than medicine. Their doctrines and teachings are as such from the Holy Bible and prevents the believer from being trapped in the world. They avoid wearing makeup or jewelry and are opposed to any kind of prosperity, so as to lead a "simple life", and discourage watching television, video games, movies. and any other entertainment because it is "of the world" (Ephesians 5:16-17) . They preach and teach separation from the world in order to prepare for the second coming of Christ.

Church services are held at minimum 4 times a week (Wednesday Bible Study(in some faith homes Thursdays), Saturday Tarrying Meeting, and Sunday Service) in most areas.

On Sunday, the church holds Sunday School, where teachers are taken based on their spirituality and they teach the children about the Bible. There are weekly tests, a midterm, and a final exam based on the curriculum taught each week. Once in a year they have Sunday school "children's day" in which the Sunday school children, teachers and teens and youths perform on stage. In total there are more than 2,000 faith homes(churches).

International conventionsEdit

Annual International Conventions are held at Kottarakkara in Kerala, India (February) ; Irumbuliyur in Chennai, India (March); Kokkavila in Chilaw, Sri Lanka (December); and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (July).

The International Convention in Chennai India takes place in the month of March, the Conventions in the United States in the month of July, and the International Convention of Sri Lanka in December. The European convention is held in London in the last week of August. The Irumbuliyur (Chennai) Convention is a large gathering, one of the largest, it has over 400,000 worshipers, believers and new souls. The SriLanka Convention is the second largest convention of this church(In SriLanka it is Ceylon Pentecostal Mission), over 20,0000 people come to worship the Lord from all over the world. All believers receive free accommodation and food inside the campus.

Some of the other conventions (camps) in India are 1.The Pentecostal Mission : Kozhikode (Kerala) in the month of February. 2.The Pentecostal Mission : Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu). March. 3.The Pentecostal Mission : Bangalore (Karnataka state). March. 4.The Pentecostal Mission : Nazareth (Tamil Nadu). April. 5.The Pentecostal Mission : Paramakudi (Tamil Nadu). April. 6.The Pentecostal Mission : Thiruchi (Tamil Nadu). 7.The Pentecostal Mission : Salem (TN) and many other camps in various places in the world.

International Youth CampEdit

Annual International Youth Camp will be conducted in Headquarters (Irumbuliyur in Chennai, India) usually takes place in the month of November. Youths from different countries would join and worship the Lord.

Magazine ministryEdit

Magazines in several languages are printed and distributed to subscribers. The English magazine published from India is called The Voice of Pentecost. Pilgrim's Journal is published and printed in USA. Other English magazines are: "Pentecostal Messenger" from Malaysia, "The Youth Herald" from Singapore, "Power Divine" from Sri Lanka and "Trumpet of the Lord" from the UK.

Malayalam magazine PENTECOST is one of the oldest Pentecostal magazines from Kerala. Hindi edition PENTECOST KI WANI published from New Delhi, Tamil edition named PENTECOSTHIN PEROLI from Irumbilyur (Chennai), PENTECOSTI-CHI VAANI from Mumbai and PENTECOST DA SNEHA from Dhariwal (Punjab) are also other landmark in the history of Church to spread the Gospel to northern and southern part of India. Church Magazines are being published in more than 40 Indian languages and many other foreign languages.

Church namesEdit

In other parts of the world, the church is known by the following names:

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