The Nile Song

"The Nile Song", written by Roger Waters and sung by David Gilmour, is the second song from Pink Floyd's 1969 album, More, the soundtrack to the film of the same name.[2][3] It was released as a single in 1969 (only in France, Japan and New Zealand),[4] and included on the 1971 compilation album Relics. While the song was never performed live by Pink Floyd, the song was played by Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets in 2018.[5]

"The Nile Song"
Single by Pink Floyd
from the album More
  • "Ibiza Bar" (France and New Zealand)
  • "Main Theme" (Japan)
ReleasedJuly 1969 [1]
RecordedFebruary 1969
Songwriter(s)Roger Waters
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd singles chronology
"Point Me at the Sky"
"The Nile Song"
"One of These Days"

While the rest of the More album was issued in true stereo, "The Nile Song" was mixed in mono and processed into Duophonic stereo for release. A proper mono mix was eventually issued on the album's 2011 CD remaster.[citation needed]


Andy Kellman of AllMusic feels that "The Nile Song" is "one of the heaviest songs the band ever recorded".[6] The chord progression is a series of modulations, beginning at A and then rising a whole step with each repeat, cycling through six different keys, returning to the starting point of A and continuing this pattern as the song fades out.[7] The song's style has been described as heavy metal,[8][9] acid rock[10] and hard rock.[11][12]



"The Nile Song" was covered by:


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