The New Movie Show with Chris Gore

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore was a movie review television program hosted by Chris Gore on FX in which a panel of critics shared opinions of newly released films.

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore
GenreTalk show
Created byMark Cronin
StarringChris Gore
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Running time30 minutes
Production companyFX
Original release2000 (2000)

The show was short lived, only airing for a brief period in the spring/summer of 2000. In addition to the panel of critics giving their opinions on newly released films, there were other segments which helped to set the show apart from other similar shows of the day (predictions for the biggest movies of the summer, the panel describing their favorite sequels, awards for the best elements of the James Bond series, etc.)

A memorable early promotional commercial for the show featured Gore giving witty, one-sentence "joke" statements about some recent films. An example of this was Gore describing Eye of the Beholder with the sentence " least Ashley Judd got naked."


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