The Mysterious Mrs. M

The Mysterious Mrs. M is a 1917 silent film drama directed by Lois Weber and starring Harrison Ford and Mary MacLaren. It was a Bluebird Pictures Production distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Company.[1]

The Mysterious Mrs M.
(aka The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite)
The Mysterious Mrs M.jpg
Directed byLois Weber
Written byLois Weber
Based onshort story by Thomas Edgelow
Produced byBluebird Photoplays
StarringHarrison Ford
Mary MacLaren
CinematographyAl Siegler
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
February 5, 1917
Running time
50 minutes
LanguageSilent..English titles


Preservation statusEdit

  • The film survives in the Library of Congress incomplete. Reels 1 & 2 survive, reels 3, 4 and 5 are lost.[2][3][4]


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