The Mysterious Monk

Mysterious Monk (Russian: Таинственный монах, romanizedTainstvenniy monakh) is a 1967 Stereoscopic 3-D adventure film directed by Arkady Koltsaty starring Vladimir Druzhnikov, Evgeny Zharikov, Valentin Zubkov and Tatyana Konyukhova. It was filmed in the Soviet stereoscopic system “Stereo-70”. For many years it held the record among Soviet stereofilms for the most rentals, for both 3D and 2D screenings.[2]

The Mysterious Monk
Mysterious Monk 1968 film poster.png
Directed byArkady Koltsaty
Written byGely Ryabov
Aleksei Nagorny
StarringVladimir Druzhnikov
Evgeny Zharikov
Valentin Zubkov
Tatyana Konyukhova
Music byNikita Bogoslovsky
CinematographyPyotr Terpsikhorov
Distributed byMosfilm
Release date
1967 (1967)
Running time
83 min[1]
Country Soviet Union


Set during the Russian Civil War, Ukraine, in the autumn of 1920, two Chekist former circus performers attempt to foil the plans of the White Russian army, remnants of which have hidden in a monastery. A more experienced Chekist enters the monastery in the guise of Lieutenant Stronsky to uncover the enemy's plans.



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