The Moorish Queen (1955 film)

The Moorish Queen (Spanish:La reina mora) is a 1955 Spanish musical film directed by Raúl Alfonso and starring Antoñita Moreno, Pepe Marchena and Miguel Ligero.[1] It is based on a zarzuela which had previously been made into a 1922 silent film and a 1937 sound film.

The Moorish Queen
Directed byRaúl Alfonso
Written by
Produced byJuan N. Solórzano
CinematographyAldo Giordani
Edited by
Music byJosé Serrano
Cervantes Films
Release date
31 January 1955
Running time
87 minutes

It was shot in Ferraniacolor.


During the April Fair in Seville, Esteban wounds his rival Antonio in a fight. Coral, Esteban's girlfriend, asks Cotufo, her brother, to change their address, since she wants to live in isolation while her boyfriend remains in jail. Cotufo agrees and both brothers move to a mansion where, according to legend, a Christian and the daughter of a Moorish king lived three hundred years ago. She this she died of love sorrow and the legend adds that a goblin has lived in the house since then.


  • Antoñita Moreno as Coral
  • Pepe Marchena as Esteban
  • Miguel Ligero as Pepe
  • Antonio Riquelme as Don Nué
  • Casimiro Hurtado as Juan Bizcocho
  • Juanita Azores as Mercedes
  • Conchita Bautista as Laura
  • Antonio Vega as Cotufa
  • Julia Delgado Caro as Doña Juana
  • Rosario Royo as Manuela
  • Manuel Guitián as Miguel Ángel
  • Emilio Segura as Antonio
  • Xan das Bolas as Presidiario
  • José Cepero
  • Matilde Guarnerio
  • Laura Alcoriza
  • Mateo Guitart
  • José Domínguez Luna
  • Elena Riquelme
  • Victoria Argota
  • Carmen de la Vega
  • Armando Lirio
  • Concha Velasco as Bailaora


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