The Monkey Handlers

The Monkey Handlers is a 1990 thriller novel by G. Gordon Liddy, published by St. Martin's Press.

A real estate agent in the Hudson Valley region, Michael Stone, who formerly served as a Navy SEAL, has to stop a group of people from West Germany who experiment on animals as well as some Islamists. He had served with Saul, whose sister Sara Rosen faced arrest for trespassing in a pharmaceutical facility owned by the West German company Riegar, headed by Walter Hoess.

Publishers Weekly stated that "Liddy's touch is deft" though the book had an "abrupt" ending.[1]

Kirkus Reviews stated that the novel "appeals powerfully to the frustrations and fantasies of audiences fed up with the system: this is just the thing for readers impatient with the rat race who wish they could arm themselves and click on."[2] The review described the novel as appealing to "every xenophobic base".[2]


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