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The Monarch Initiative

The Monarch Initiative[1] is a large scale bioinformatics web resource focused on leveraging existing biomedical knowledge to connect genotypes with phenotypes in an effort to aid research that combats genetic diseases. Monarch does this by integrating multi-species genotype, phenotype, genetic variant and disease knowledge from various existing biomedical data resources into a centralized and structured database. While this integration process has been traditionally done manually by basic researchers and clinicians on a case by case basis, The Monarch Initiative provides an aggregated and structured collection of data and tools that make biomedical knowledge exploration more efficient and effective.

The Monarch Initiative
Description Bioinformatics database of genetic disease data
Data types
genotype, phenotype, variant, disease, species
Organisms Metazoa
Primary citation Mungall et al. 2017
Release date July 12, 2015


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