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The Milli Gazette

The Milli Gazette is an Indian fortnightly English-language compact newspaper based in Delhi. Founded in January 2000, the newspaper describes itself as the Indian Muslims' Leading English Newspaper.[1] In 2008, it started e-paper publication.[2]

The Milli Gazette
16-31May2010-FrontPage MilliGazette.jpg
May 2010 Second Fortnight Front Page of The Milli Gazette
TypeFortnightly newspaper
Owner(s)Pharos Group
PublisherPharos Media
Editor-in-chiefZafarul Islam Khan
FoundedJanuary 2000
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
OCLC number54467165

The Guardian, a British daily while quoting Gazette editor, Zafarul Islam Khan, described the Milli Gazette as "a newspaper widely read among India's 140m Muslims"[3] and "an influential newspaper for Indian Muslims."'[4] The Diplomat and The Citizen described the publication as the first English language Muslim newspaper of India.[5][6]

With its 1–15 January 2010 edition, Milli Gazette completed its 10th year in publication.[7] In 2011, Indian Express reported that the Milli Gazette is frequently cited by media houses on stories related to Indian Muslims.[8]

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