The Mendocino Voice

The Mendocino Voice is an independent, online, daily newspaper, also referred to as a "news service," based in and covering Mendocino County, in Northern California.[1][2]


The Mendocino Voice is known for its breaking news coverage,[citation needed] coverage of local issues and of the Northern California cannabis industry.[3][4][5][6] Also of note was its intensive coverage of the Wine Country Fires,[1] and the Ranch and River fires which were part of the Mendocino Complex.[7][8][9]

It was founded in September 2016[10] by two former employees of The Willits News,[11] a legacy newspaper based in the town of Willits, California, and a property of Digital First Media (DFM). The founders, Adrian Fernandez Baumann[12] and Kate Maxwell, have cited a lack of local news stemming from the acquisition of small northern California newspapers by DFM and its control by Alden Global Capital, as reasons for starting a new local news service.[13][1][2]

In the late 2010s the news service became among the most read in Mendocino County, and was cited by The Sacramento Bee,[14] The New York Times[15][16] and the Los Angeles Times,[17] and featured on the BBC and KQED.[18] In 2019, The Mendocino Voice was selected, jointly with KZYX a nearby public radio station, to host a Report for America fellow.[19]

The news service was part of a trend in the 2010s[20] towards small, wholly online news services, that have abandoned print publication.[21] As with many such publications it is a member of the Local Independent Online News Publishers group.[22][23][24][25]


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