The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003 film)

The Mayor of Casterbridge is a British made-for-TV film, produced by Georgina Lowe for Sally Head Productions and directed by David Thacker,[1] based on the 1886 novel by Thomas Hardy. Appearing in the film are Ciarán Hinds as Henchard, Juliet Aubrey as Susan Henchard, Jodhi May as Elizabeth Jane, James Purefoy as Farfrae, and Polly Walker as Lucetta.[2] The series was released as a 2-disc DVD in 2004.

The plotEdit

As in the original story, Michael Henchard, in a drunken moment, auctions his wife, Susan, and infant child to a passing seaman. Years later, Susan meets up with an apparently contrite Henchard, but he subsequently reverts to his original stubborn and unyielding character. In this version of the story, Henchard appears to be aware of his defects of character but, in the end, is unable to get past them because the traditional social tool of forgiveness constantly eludes him.[citation needed]

Occasionally, as in the characters of Elizabeth Jane and Farfrae, forgiveness is found repeatedly and life recovers. But in so many other cases throughout this film, enmity prevails and disaster follows. Henchard, the Mayor of Casterbridge, is presented as a selfish, atheistic, personality, and his atheistic tendencies are not shown in any positive light.[citation needed] Even though his character is deeply flawed, Henchard does evoke considerable sympathy because his salvation requires only a change of heart. The pain of his reflexive choices is clearly evident in Ciarán Hinds' presentation of Henchard. Hardy's novel was presented in this DVD with enormous attention to historical detail. The traditional Christian concerns with love and forgiveness[3] and the consequences of selfish behaviour, are presented with the same emphasis as in the text.

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