The Loose Salute are a British band founded by drummer Ian McCutcheon of Slowdive and Mojave 3 who also sings and plays guitar. The band consists of Lisa Billson (vocals, keys, percussion), Charlotte King (vocals, percussion, bells and whistles), Alan Forrester (keys), Alden Evans (guitars), Robert Jesse (guitars) and Benjamin Wesley Morgan (bass).

The Loose Salute
OriginUnited Kingdom
GenresDream pop, surf rock, folk
LabelsHeavenly Records
Graveface Records
Associated actsSlowdive, Chapterhouse, Mojave 3, Mancub Babywoman
MembersIan McCutcheon
Lisa Billson
Charlotte King
Alan Forrester
Rob Jesse
Alden Evans
Benjamin Wesley Morgan

In a departure from McCutcheon's past projects, The Loose Salute plays a dreamy, surf rock sounding chorus of music helped in live performance by friends and fans. The band tries to encapsulate togetherness and loneliness, as well as surfing, partying, and beaches among other things in their music. The band spend their time in between London and Cornwall and use the Cornwall beaches and life as inspiration for their music. The Loose Salute are signed to Heavenly Records in the UK and Graveface Records in the US.

The name is apparently a reference to the Michael Nesmith album of the same name.



  • Suck It Up Buttercup (released in 2004)


  • Turn the Radio Up (released on 19 May 2008)
  • Why'd We Fight? (released on 13 October 2008)

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