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The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck

First US edition
Cover art by Samuel H. Bryant

The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck (Little Brown, 1959),[1] also published as Hunting the Bismark (Michael Joseph, 1959), was written by C.S. Forester (1899-1966), the author of the popular Horatio Hornblower series of naval-themed books. Closely based on the actual naval battle, the book is a novel with fictionalized dialogue and incidents.

The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck tells the story of the breakout of the German battleship Bismarck into the Atlantic as a major threat to the convoys that sustained Britain in the early days of World War II and the Royal Navy's desperate pursuit and destruction of the Bismarck. A movie based on Forester's book, Sink the Bismarck! was released by Twentieth Century-Fox in 1960, with the book reprinted in paperback under the title Sink the Bismarck! (Bantam, 1959) as a promotional tie-in.


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