The Konnectid Project, Vol. 1

The Konnectid Project Vol.1 is a compilation album by the rapper Suga Free. It is mainly produced by DJ Quik and features appearances by Mausberg, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Kam, Playa Hamm, El DeBarge and others.

Konnectid Project, Vol.1
Compilation album by
ReleasedMay 9, 2000
GenreWest Coast hip hop, G-funk
ProducerDJ Quik (exec.)
Stan Sheppard (exec.)
Tony Lane (exec.)
DJ Quik
Darryl "D" Fisher
Suga Free chronology
Street Gospel
Konnectid Project, Vol.1
The New Testament (The Truth)

Track listingEdit

# Title Performer (s)
1. "In My Face" Xzibit and Hi-C
2. "Ain't no doubt" Mausberg and Playa Hamm
3. "The Re-Birth" Mausberg and Kam
4. "Finally" G.P.
5. "Whistle" Suga Free
6. "I Wanna See" DJ Quik and Hi-C
7. "Hotel Motel" Suga Free, DJ Quik and Madd Nation
8. "Pimpin' " DJ Quik, Suga Free, Playa Hamm, James DeBarge and Double M
9. "Shut Up " Mausberg
10. "Don't Walk Away" DJ Quik and Suga Free
11. "Mama" G.P.
12. "If It Ain't Broke" Suga Free and Mausberg
13. "I Can't Believe" Madd Nation
14. "Gone" Suga Free
15. "Livin' In Da Game" Mausberg and Squeek