The Knockout (1925 film)

The Knockout is a lost[1] 1925 silent film drama directed by Lambert Hillyer and starring Milton Sills. It was based on a novel The Come-Back by Morris DeCamp Crawford. It was produced by and released by First National Pictures.[2][3]

The Knockout
Directed byLambert Hillyer
Produced byFirst National Pictures
Written byJoseph Poland
Earle Snell
Marion Fairfax
Based onnovel The Come-Back by Morris DeCamp Crawford
StarringMilton Sills
CinematographyRoy Carpenter
Edited byArthur Tavares
Distributed byFirst National Pictures
Release date
August 23, 1925
Running time
8 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles


Preservation statusEdit

  • The film is now lost. Just a trailer survives in the Library of Congress collection.[4]


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