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The King Brothers (American group)

The King Brothers are an American blues group led by drummer Sam King and guitarist Lee King. They released two albums, Turnin' Up The Heat in 1997,[1] and Mo' Heat in 2001.[2][3]


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  2. ^ Big City Blues -2001 Volume 7 p.48 "Brothers Sam on drums and Lee on Guitar make up the core of the King Brothers. ... Among the most infectious is track 4, "Miniskirt," a really soul rockin' song of the flesh that plays well on the age-old mind, body and soul love triangle, as if to say, "Where's the party, I want the party, give me the party"..
  3. ^ Jim O'Neal, Amy van Singel The Voice of the Blues: Classic Interviews from Living Blues - 2013 "Yeah, there's Lee King—that's my cousin. Two of 'em: Lee King, and the other one's Sam King, and a cat named Kevin Burton on organ, and the bass player's name is Junior Thompson [Marcel] Thompson Jr. The King Brothers, Sam and Lee, are now recording on their own.] ."