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The Killer Barbies

The Killer Barbies is a Spanish punk band fronted by singer/guitarist Silvia Superstar. After some success in Spain on the independent label Toxic Records, they got an international distribution through the German label Drakkar Records in 2000.

The Killer Barbies
OriginVigo, Galicia (Spain)
GenresPunk rock
Years active1994–present
LabelsDrakkar Records, Toxic Records
MembersSilvia Superstar
Billy King
Doctor Muerte
Past membersSantai-Santai
De Yogui Bear
Dr. Gonzo
Super bingo
Kabuto Jr
Maxter Man
Jeyper Man
Blue Demon

The band has also starred in two movies directed by prolific exploitation film director Jess Franco: Killer Barbys and Killer Barbys vs. Dracula.


Silvia Superstar (real name: Silvia García Pintos) and Billy King (real name: Antonio Domínguez) formed the Killer Barbies in 1994 and quickly began releasing their material on the Spanish label Toxic Records. They released their first album Dressed to Kiss in 1995. One year later they released a second album ...Only for Freaks! shortly after featuring in the Jess Franco movie Killer Barbys. They recorded a third album in 1998, Big Muff. The three albums sold more than 10,000 copies each.[1]

After these three successful albums in Spain, the band signed to the German label Drakkar Records, to get a larger audience outside Spain. In 2000 they released their international debut Bad Taste containing a selection of songs from their first three albums re-recorded. In 2002 they released the single Candy featuring a vocal participation of Bela B. of Die Ärzte fame and eventually some new material with the album Sin Is In in 2003. Since then they have been silent except for the compilation of B-sides Freakshow in 2004. The same year, Silvia Superstar was featured in the show Die drei ??? und die singende Schlange by the German comedy theater company Das Vollplaybacktheater.


Singles and EPsEdit

  • "Maqueta" demo tape (1994)
  • "I Wanna Live in Tromaville" single (1994)
  • "Elvis Live!!" single (1994)
  • "Comic Books" single (1994)
  • "Killer Barbies/Aneurol 50 split single" (1995)
  • "Love Killer" single (1996)
  • "Freaktown" single (1996)
  • "Attack of the Killer Barbies" EP (1997)
  • "Crazy" single (1997)
  • "Mars" single (2000)
  • "Downtown" single (2000)
  • "Candy" single (2002)


  • Dressed to Kiss (1995)
  • ...Only for Freaks! (1996)
  • Big Muff (1998)
  • Fucking Cool (1999) a remix album
  • Bad Taste (2000) a re-recording of songs from the first three albums
  • Sin Is In (2003)
  • Freakshow (2004) DVD/CD set, the DVD contains their videos and some live footage and the CD is a compilation of B-sides

Songs from compilationsEdit

  • "Xabarin Contra El Doctor No" (1995) from A Cantar Con Xabarin
  • "Spiderman" (1996) from A Cantar Con Xabarin Volumen III e IV
  • "Hackers" (1996) from Corsarios Del Chip B.S.O.
  • "Ma Baker" (1996) from Best In Spain
  • "El Resplandor" and "Sólo Para Ti" (1999) from Intoxicación
  • "Gente Pez" and "Autosuficiencia" (2001) from Gente Pez
  • "These Boots Are Made For Walking" (2001) from Zapping
  • "Bajo Mi Piel" (2003) from Marea de Musica
  • "A Thing About You" (2005) from A Tribute to Tom Petty
  • "Feeling Alone" (2007) from Little Steven's Underground Garage Presents The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 3


The band features as the main characters of two movies directed by Jess Franco: Killer Barbys, which was made in relation to their first album, Dressed to Kiss, in 1996, and Killer Barbys vs. Dracula, which was made in relation to their last album to date, Sin Is In, in 2003. The spelling was changed in the movies because Mattel would not let them use the Barbie name.

Appearances in video gamesEdit

  • The Killer Barbies' song "Have Some Fun" was featured in the video game Rumble Roses as Candy Cane's entrance music.
  • In Rumble Roses XX, the name "the Killer Barbies" is retained as Candy Cane's band, however the song "Crazy!" is not the same song as the Killer Barbies' song "Crazy".
  • The Killer Barbies' songs "Baby With Two Heads" and "Down the Street" were featured in the video game FlatOut.

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