The Jester's Supper (play)

The Jester's Supper (Italian:La cena delle beffe) is a historical play by the Italian writer Sem Benelli, which was first staged in 1909. In 1919 the play was put on in New York City.[1] It portrays a violent and cruel rivalry in the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent.



The play was the basis for an opera La cena delle beffe composed by Umberto Giordano with a libretto written by Benelli himself. It premiered at La Scala on 20 December 1924.


In 1942 the play was adapted as a film, The Jester's Supper, directed by Alessandro Blasetti and starring Amedeo Nazzari and Osvaldo Valenti.[2] It was made at Cinecittà in Rome. The film was a popular success.


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