The Jeffersonian (newspaper)

The Jeffersonian was a weekly newspaper published on Thursdays,[4] in Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Kentucky.[4] The Jeffersonian was first published on June 13, 1907, and was last published in 1965.[2]

The Jeffersonian
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)The Jeffersonian Publishing Co. (Inc.)
PublisherW. C. Barrickman (1907–1913)
J. C. Alcock
T .R. "Tommy" Jones
Alden J. Schansberg[1](1959–1965).[2]
EditorC. A. Hummel (1940)[3]
FoundedJune 13, 1907.[4]
Ceased publication1965
HeadquartersJeffersontown, Kentucky, U.S.[5][2]

History edit

Beginning edit

The Jeffersonian was founded by W. C. Barrickman and J. C. Alcock.[2]

Alcock later bought out Barrickman and became the sole owner of the paper.[6]

In 1913 Alcock bought half of the old Jefferson County Bank's lot and, later in 1913, constructed a new building for The Jeffersonian. The new Jeffersonian building contained the offices and presses for the paper, In addition to The Jeffersonian, The St Matthews Sun was also printed and distributed from this building.[6]

Although headquartered in, and focused on, Jeffersontown, Kentucky, The Jeffersonian reported on all of Jefferson County.[6] The Jeffersonian reported from as far away as Bullitt and Spencer counties as well.[2]

The Jeffersonian soon had upwards of forty reporters,[2] much of The Jeffersonian's information came from a group of ladies, from various parts of Jefferson County, who gathered it up for the paper.[6]

Decline edit

The Jeffersonian went into decline when the Kentucky statutes were changed to require that legal notices were to be printed in the newspaper of each county with the largest circulation.[2] As The Jeffersonian was not the newspaper with the largest circulation in Jefferson County it lost a lot of advertising revenue that it had previously garnered from legal notices.[2]

Demise edit

In 1959 Alden J. Schansberg bought The Jeffersonian.[1] In 1965 Schansberg merged The Jeffersonian into the St. Matthews Voice.[2]

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