The Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job

The Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job is a 1996 adventure game developed by Philips Interactive Media, Inc. and published by Improvisation ManyMedia.

The Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job
The Improv Presents Don't Quit Your Day Job Windows Cover Art.jpg
Windows cover art
Platform(s)Windows, Macintosh

The game sees the player, an agent, try to book an up-and-coming comedian for the late-night Johnnie K. Show. They enter the improve club The Improv to interact with the local patrons to try to book a client. It has a point-and-click interface. If the player makes an error, they are transported to the 'Curse of the CD ROM Hallways' where they must complete a minigame before returning to the action.

The game was made using QuickTime,[1] has a point and click interface, and contains 360 degree rotatable motion on each screen.[2]

GameRevolution deemed it a "well-intentioned but utterly hopeless comic romp".[1] Coming Soon Magazine suggested that while the game would suit a stand up aficionado, it lacked enough interactivity to be a serviceable adventure game.[3]


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