The Hypocrites (1923 film)

The Hypocrites (Dutch: Farizeëers) is a 1923 British-Dutch silent drama film directed by Charles Giblyn,[1] based on The Hypocrites, a 1906 play by Henry Arthur Jones. The plot concerns the hypocrisy of a squire who tries to make his son deny he fathered a village girl's child, and instead marry an heiress. Jones' play which had already been filmed as The Morals of Weybury (1916) directed by George Loane Tucker with Elisabeth Risdon. The writing credit of this movie goes to Henry Arthur Jones (play) and Eliot Stannard (writer).

The Hypocrites
Directed byCharles Giblyn
Written byHenry Arthur Jones (play)
Eliot Stannard
Release date
February 1923
CountriesUnited Kingdom



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