The Heart of the Race

The Heart of the Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain was a 1985 book by Beverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe. A socio-historical study, it looked at the realities of life for black women in the United Kingdom after the Second World War.[1]

The Heart of the Race
AuthorBeverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherVirago Press
Publication date
Pages250 (first edition)

As many women as men immigrated to the UK from the Caribbean, and three-quarters of these women were single. The Heart of the Race recovers the women's historical agency, situating it in relation to a long tradition of resistance to enslavement. Their participation in the UK labour market, overcoming racist obstacles, was a component of Britain's postwar economic recovery.[1]

The book won the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize in 1985.[2]


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