The Girl on the Broomstick

Dívka na koštěti, or The Girl on the Broomstick, is a 1972 Czechoslovak fantasy-comedy film directed by Václav Vorlíček. It tells a story of a teenage witch, Saxana (played by Petra Černocká) who, facing 300 years' detention for failing her classes, escapes to the human world with the help of a school janitor. Once in the human world, she meets Honza, a teenage boy, who takes her to school with him. At school, Saxana becomes acquainted with three of the schools' teenage delinquents, who convince her to turn the faculty into rabbits by lying and promising her that they will help in her quest to stay in the human world. The theme song, 'Saxana', sung by Petra Černocká, features in the opening and ending credits. A sequel was released in 2011, which follows Saxana's daughter.


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