The Gap (film)

The Gap (Spanish: El boquete) is a 2006 Argentine comedy-drama film directed and written by Mariano Mucci. It stars Valentina Bassi and Daniel Valenzuela.

The Gap
Directed byMariano Mucci
Written byMariano Mucci
StarringValentina Bassi
Silvia Montanari
Erasmo Olivera
Leandro Orowitz
Mario Paolucci
Sandra Smith
Daniel Valenzuela
Mirta Wons
Luis Ziembrowsky
Music byAxel Krygier
CinematographyAndrés Mazzon
Edited byJosé Castells
Distributed byCooperativa de Trabajo Kaos
Release date
  • March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10)
Running time
83 minutes


When paterfamilias Escarfase (Mario Paolucci) is released from prison, he's immediately roped into a caper designed by thick-headed Ruben (Luis Ziembrowski), using a seemingly abandoned house as the command center for tunneling into the neighboring bank vault. Also on board are Escarfase's hooker daughter Mirna (Valentina Bassi), whose participation in a porn film takes up an indefensible amount of screen time considering the minuscule laugh pay-off. The opening promises more than it can deliver, but like the rest of pic, scenes start well and devolve into wasted footage. Bouncy music is used indiscriminately and, like the overly sunny lensing, gets tired quickly.


Two script docs are credited in "The Gap," but a whole surgical team is needed to excise overlong scenes and to substitute real laughs for the anarchy on display.

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