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The Final Sanction is a 1990 film, directed by David A. Prior and starring Ted Prior, Robert Z'Dar and William Smith.[1]

The Final Sanction
The Final Sanction poster.jpg
Directed byDavid A. Prior
Produced byDavid Marriott
Written byDavid A. Prior
StarringTed Prior
Robert Z'Dar
Renée Cline
William Smith
Music byGarm Beall
Tim James
Steve McClintock
Distributed byAction International Pictures
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
90 minutes


The United States and Russia have had a nuclear exchange, wiping out most of humanity in the process. In order to decide a winner without any further bombing, the nations both decide to choose their best soldier and let them fight in a restricted area in Virginia. The result of the duel will decide the winner of the war.[1]

Sergeant Tom Batanic (Ted Prior) and Sergei (Robert Z'Dar) fight mercilessly, but at the end they realize the futility of their duel and agree to end it, just as the U.S. general in charge decides to explode the building they are in. It turns out that the whole affair was just a secret agreement between the American and Russian general to let the world realize that in a war, no one is a winner. However, Tom and Sergei survive the explosion, the American general is arrested by the FBI.[2]


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