The Final Four (TV series)

The Final Four is a Greek television talent show based on an Israeli format The Four. It began airing on ANT1 on October 6, 2019.[1][2]

The Final Four
GenreTalent show
Created byElwin Vitztelly de Groot
Armoza Formats
Presented by
Country of originGreece
Original languageGreek
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Production locationsSpata, Attica
Original release
ReleaseOctober 6 (2019-10-06) –
December 8, 2019 (2019-12-08)

Production edit

The Final Four was often mentioned in January–February 2019 by the media as the new reality show on the Greek television.[3] Even though no broadcaster had officially announced the show, ANT1 was the possible channel that would host the show. On June 13, 2019, it was announced with a trailer that ANT1 bought the rights for the show.[4]

"The Final Four" has been featured in USA, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Kazakhstan and Israel, recording record-breaking recordings on TV shows, and is expected to be shown in Spain.

Auditions edit

The producer auditions of the first season started on July 4, 2019, and ended on September 4, 2019.[5]

Summary of producer auditions
Location Date(s) Venue
 Athens July 4, 2019 ANT1 MediaLab
July 18, 2019
July 29, 2019
September 4, 2019
 Thessaloniki July 23, 2019 Holiday Inn Thessaloniki
 Nicosia August 30, 2019 Cleopatra Hotel

Format edit

Beginning with the final, "The Final Four" counts backwards for the winner. Four determined and competitive contestants are preparing to fight to defend and keep their place in the biggest musical battle. Opposite them will find many talented contestants who will try singing to ... detract from them and take their place in the stage of "The Final Four".

Every episode is a step closer to victory, and every week there is an overturn. Who makes it one of "The Final Four", to the win, and eventually win a contract with a big record company and also €50,000?[6]

Judges and host edit

Several artists were rumored to be part of the judging panel once ANT1 announced the show. Michalis Hatzigiannis was the first to be rumored as he is one of the biggest singers in both Cyprus and Greece.[7] On the running were also Eleonora Zouganeli and George Levendis.[8] After being a judge in third season on So You Think You Can Dance, Eleni Foureira was in the running for the judging panel.[9] On September 9, 2019, ANT1 announced that Michalis Hatzigiannis, Eleni Foureira, Michalis Kouinelis and Nikos Moraitis will be the four judges of the show.[10] After one Week, ANT1 announced that Moraitis will not be a judge and so will be only three judges.[11]

After hosting the first two seasons of The Voice of Greece, Giorgos Liagkas was rumored to be the host of the show.[12] A few days later, Zeta Makripoulia was unofficially confirmed to be the host of the show and on July 25, 2019, the broadcaster revealed that Makripoulia will be hosting the show.[13]

The Four edit

  •   Winner
  •   Runner-up
  •   Third place
The Four
Episode Group Members
Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4
1 Original Four Ksenia Dania Manos Kokolakis Maria Zouka Sakis Karathanasis
2nd Four Giannis Lafis
2 3rd Four Barbara Argyrou
3 4th Four Emmanouela Zambetaki
4 5th Four
5 6th Four Aldion Zekio Panagiotis Mpraikidis Marianthi Papalamprou
6 7th Four Giorgos Stefanou Faidon Farid
7 8th Four Panagiotis Rentetakos Despoina Zikou
8 9th Four Giorgos Paschalias
9 Final Four Manos Kokolakis Sakis Karathanasis Barbara Argyrou

Artists edit

  – Artist started as "Original Four".
  – Artist secured a spot and has remained in "The Four".
  – Artist received "Yes" from the judges but lost in the duel.
  – Artist received "No" from the judges.
All artists
Sakis Karathanasis Ksenia Dania Manos Kokolakis Maria Zouka Giannis Lafis
Barbara Argyrou Emmanouela Zambetaki Marianthi Papalamprou Aldion Zekio Panagiotis Mpraikidis
Faidon Farid Giorgos Stefanou Panagiotis Rentetakos Despoina Zikou Giorgos Paschalias
Evi Koulkouvini Aggela Sidiropoulou Pavlos Papasavas Antonis Vlachos Petros Gialamas
Nikos Georgakos Peggy Ohilebo Marianah Grindr Tasos Vermis Pedro Santana
Haris Mos Orestis Ntokas Kiana Christina Koliandri Spiros Xenidis
Leo Germanos Alisia Kalafata Mikaela Iakovou Karolina Anastasiou Nikos Ntalakas
Kostas Laggousis Nikos Tsetinis Stefany Loca Ifigeneia Gontikaki Stelia Gourloni
Andry Lagiou Thekla Georgiou Chara Sourla Konstantinos Fileris Alex Mits
Giannis Fakinos Aileen Tonia Konstantinou Nadja Iarajouli Andreas Archontakis

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