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The Faragher Brothers is a blue-eyed soul family musical group from Redlands, California consisting originally of brothers Tommy Faragher, Davey Faragher, Jimmy Faragher and Danny Faragher. Siblings Marty Faragher and Pammy Faragher joined the group for the 3rd and 4th albums.



They recorded two albums for ABC Records ("The Faragher Brothers" 1976 and "Family Ties" 1977) and two albums for Polydor Records ("Open Your Eyes" 1978 and "The Faraghers" 1979).

As a background vocal session group they worked on numerous recordings, contributing vocals to artists such as: Kiss, Melissa Manchester, Peter Criss, Ringo Starr, Randy Edelman and Lynda Carter.

Prior to using the family name, older brothers Danny and Jimmy were members of Sunshine Pop band The Peppermint Trolley Company with Greg Tornquist, and drummer Casey Cunningham under the Acta Label.[1] Later, the band added guitarist Patrick McClure and changed their name to Bones recording several albums for Signpost Records and MCA Records.

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