The Far Side Gallery 5

The Far Side Gallery 5 is the fifth and final anthology of Gary Larson's The Far Side comic strips. Cartoons from previous collections Cows of Our Planet, The Chickens are Restless, and The Curse of Madame "C" are featured, all of which were printed from 1992–1994. The foreword was written by Jane Goodall, who was commonly satirized in Larson's comics. The cover shows several flies in a movie theater watching a movie, in which a fly was calling for help because it was in a spoonful of tomato soup about to be swallowed by a person.

The Far Side Gallery 5
The Far Side Gallery 5.jpg
AuthorGary Larson
CountryUnited States
PublisherAndrews, and McMeel
Publication date
September, 1995
Media typePrint (Paperback and Hardback)
ISBN0-8362-0425-5 (first edition, paperback) ISBN 0-8362-0426-3 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC[ 333135 10]
741.5/973 20
LC ClassNC1429.L32 A4 1995
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