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DaVita Medical Group is an American managed care provider that operates practices in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington.[1] The company is a subsidiary of DaVita Inc. with approximately 74,500 employees[2] and serves more than 1,700,000 patients. DaVita Medical Group operates several different subsidiaries, in California, it operates as HealthCare Partners, in Colorado it operates as DaVita Medical Group and Mountain View Medical Group, in Nevada it operates as HealthCare Partners and WellHealth Quality Care, in Washington it operates as The Everett Clinic, and in Florida and New Mexico it operates under its flagship name, DaVita Medical Group.[3]

DaVita Medical Group
IndustryManaged care
Founded1992 in California
Key people
Charles G. Berg, Executive Chair
ParentDaVita, Inc.


A large part of DaVita Medical Group was founded in 1992, by Robert Margolis in Southern California as HealthCare Partners.[4] Before it was acquired by DaVita, the company had more than 50 medical offices and 500,000 patients across California, Florida, and Nevada.[5] DaVita acquired the managed care provider in 2012 for $4.42 billion and began operating it as a subsidiary under the DaVita HealthCare Partners name.[4] In 2014, the company acquired Colorado Springs Health Partners, a healthcare practice in Colorado Springs and added its 600 employees and 110,000 patients to its network.[6] In 2015, DaVita acquired the Washington-based The Everett Clinic, a 20 office practice serving 315,000 patients with 500 staff members. DaVita acquired Mountain View Medical Group, a second Colorado Springs physician network, adding 14 offices 80,000 patients and 50 physicians in April 2016. In September 2016, the subsidiary was renamed DaVita Medical Group.[7]

In November 2017, it was reported that DaVita Medical Group's parent company was exploring a sale for the subsidiary.[8] That same month, the company acquired Northwest Physicians Network, a Tacoma, Washington-based physician association with more than 1,000 primary and specialty-care physicians.[9]

In December 2017, the medical group was acquired by UnitedHealth Group for $4.9 billion. It was announced that it would operate as part of UnitedHealth's Optum division. DaVita, the parent company, would continue to operate its kidney dialysis business independently of UnitedHealth.[10]


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