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The End of Agent W4C

Konec agenta W4C prostřednictvím psa pana Foustky (English: The End of Agent W4C) is a 1967 Czechoslovak film parodying the James Bond secret agent genre. Directed by Václav Vorlíček based on the story by Oldřich Daněk. Runtime 87 min. Mono. Produced by Filmové Studio Barrandov and distributed by Central Office of Film Distribution, Prague.

The End of Agent W4C
Directed byVáclav Vorlíček
Written byOldřich Daněk, Miloš Macourek, Václav Vorlíček
StarringJan Kačer, Jiří Sovák
Release date
6 October 1967
Running time
87 minutes
Budget3.5 Million Kčs[1]
Box office7 Million Kčs (as of October 1968)[1]

Produced by Věra Kadlecová. Composer - Svatopluk Havelka, musical director - František Belfín. Cinematography by František Uldrich. Editor - Jaromír Janáček.

Film had a great success in USSR theatrical distribution of the 1960s.


Plot summaryEdit

It's a spy films parody, specially James Bond movies. Main hero - Cyril Juan Borguette alias W4C is superspy. Equipped by last invention - Alarm clock (with knife, gun, gas, geiger-muller, microphone-jammer and small atombomb - all inside) is he sent in Prague. There is saltbox with plans of military use of Venus. Agent must play with international spy network. And on his steps is going accountant Foustka.



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