The Electrics are a Celtic rock band from Dumbarton, Scotland. They formed in 1988 when former Infrapenny members Sammy Horner (vocals and bass guitar) and Paul Baird (guitar) asked drummer Dave McArthur and sax/keyboard player Allan Hewitt to play a gig at Glasgow's Impact Festival. The band released a self-financed cassette album, Views in Blues, in 1989. Following this recording the band evolved a celtic rock sound, heavily influenced by The Waterboys and The Pogues. Subsequent recordings included Vision and Dreams (1990) which was distributed by Word Records, and Big Silent World (1993), on Germany's Pila Music label.

The Electrics
Origin Dumbarton, Scotland
GenresCeltic rock, Christian rock
Years active1988 – present.
MembersSammy Horner
Paul Baird
Davie McArthur
Allan Hewitt
Past membersTim Cotterell
Jim Cosgrove
Jim Devlin
Heather Negus
Kris McEwan
David Lyon
Kenny MacNicol
Robin Callander

The band performed in the UK, Europe and the US. The band never officially disbanded.

Sam Horner has returned to live in Ireland once again, and spends much of the year touring the world performing concerts with his wife, Kylie Horner, as The Sweet Sorrows.

Band members edit

Current members

  • Sammy Horner - Lead Vocals, Bass
  • Paul Baird - Guitar and backing vocals.
  • Davie McArthur - Drums, Bodhran.
  • Allan Hewitt - Keyboards, accordion, saxophone, whistle and backing vocals.

Former members

  • Jim Devlin - Guitar, Mandolin
  • Jim Cosgrove - Drums
  • Tim Cotterell - Fiddle, Mandolin
  • Heather Negus - Accordion, keyboards.
  • Kris McEwan - Fiddle/mandolin.
  • David Lyon - Accordion, Keyboards
  • Kenny MacNicol - Highland/ Uhllean Pipes, whistles.
  • Robin Callander - Fiddle/mandolin.

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