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The Deadly Duo is a 1971 Hong Kong Wuxia film directed by Chang Cheh, and starring David Chiang and Ti Lung.

The Deadly Duo
The Deadly Duo.jpg
Film poster
MandarinShuāng Xiá
Directed byChang Cheh
Produced byRun Run Shaw
Written byNi Kuang
StarringDavid Chiang
Ti Lung
Ku Feng
Wong Chung
Cheng Lui
Chan Sing
Lau Dan
Chan Chuen
Bolo Yeung
Wong Kwong-yue
Music byFrankie Chan
CinematographyKung Mu-to
Edited byKwok Ting-hung
Distributed byShaw Brothers Studio
Release date
  • 22 December 1971 (1971-12-22)
Running time
77 minutes
CountryHong Kong

There is another film of similar genre titled Deadly Duo (a.k.a. The Blade of Fury) acted by Chen Shing and Mao Ying, directed by Yeung Ching Chen.


The film is one of a group of historical near-epics from 1970-73 that were directed by Chang Cheh and starred by Ti Lung and David Chiang, which included The Heroic Ones, New One-Armed Swordsman and Blood Brothers. The Deadly Duo is considerably shorter than the others, and arguably with less emphasis in the way of characterization and plotting and more in the way of fighting, action and adventure.

All the fights involve various weapons, mostly spears and swords, but also some exotic devices such as a pair of lethal cymbals and a container that shoots out incendiary balls. The co-director of the action scenes is Lau Kar-leung (a.k.a. Liu Chia Liang), who had a special interest in spear and stick fighting and went on to direct some of the most renowned Kung Fu films of the late 1970s and early 1980s.


  • David Chiang as Little Bat
  • Ti Lung as Bao Ting Tien
  • Ku Feng as Man Tien Kuei
  • Wong Chung as Hero Gau Shun
  • Chan Sing as Jin emperor
  • Stanley Fung as Yian Luyan
  • Bruce Tong as Hero Yung Yi
  • Wang Kuang-yu as Hero Yung Fu
  • Cheng Lui as Hero Shiu
  • Jin Bong-jin as Hero Chang
  • Lau Gong as Hero Ma
  • Yeung Chak-lam as Fire Demon Lui
  • Bolo Yeung as River Dragon
  • Wong Pau-gei as Leopard
  • Lau Kar-wing as Mole
  • Chan Chuen as Yin Tian Si
  • Yau Lung as Prince Kang
  • Woo Wai as Wang San
  • Gam Kei-chu as Hero Tseng
  • Lau Dan as Hero Ting Siu
  • Ho Hon-chau as Hero on raft
  • Danny Lee as Hero on raft
  • Jimmy Lung as Hero on raft
  • Phillip Ko as Hero on raft
  • Max Lee
  • Sham Chin-bo
  • Tung Choi-bo as Emperor's officer / thug at bridge
  • Lee Hang
  • Ko Hung as thug at bridge
  • Wu Chi-chin as Hero
  • Pao Chia-wen as Hero
  • Lo Wai as Hero
  • Lei Lung as Hero
  • Leung Seung-wan as Hero
  • Lee Chiu as River Dragon's thug
  • Huang Ha as River Dragon's thug
  • To Wing-leung as customer in Yian's shop
  • San Kuai as executioner / thug at bridge
  • San Sin as executioner
  • Lau Jun-fai as executioner
  • Wong Mei as Yian Luyan's thug
  • Ho Pak-kwong as Jin soldier
  • Wong Ching as Man's blade carrier
  • Hsu Hsia as Man's knight
  • Yuen Shun-yi
  • Danny Chow
  • Cheng Kang-yeh
  • Tang Tak-cheung
  • Fung Hak-on
  • Yen Shi-kwan
  • Yuen Woo-ping
  • Dang Bing-chiu
  • Law Keung
  • Wong Shu-tong
  • Chui Fat
  • Ling Hon
  • Chan Dik-hak
  • Yuen Cheung-yan
  • Chik Ngai-hung
  • Kong Chuen
  • Ng Yuen-fan
  • Lai Yan
  • Chan Keung
  • Chan Siu-gai
  • Goo Chim-hung
  • Wu Por

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