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The Coffin in the Mountain (Chinese: 心迷宫), also known as Deep in the Heart, is a 2014 Chinese suspense crime drama black comedy film directed by Xin Yukun.[1][3] The film was released on October 16, 2015.[2]

The Coffin in the Mountain
The Coffin in the Mountain poster.jpeg
Directed byXin Yukun
Produced byRen Jiangzhou[1]
Screenplay byXin Yukun
Feng Yuanliang[1]
Story byLu Nifan[1]
StarringHuo Weimin
Wang Xiaotian
Luo Yun
Sun Li
Shao Shengjie
Cao Xi'an
Jia Zhigang
Zhu Ziqing
Wang Zichen
Music byZhang Lei[1]
CinematographySam Ho[1]
Edited byXin Yukun[1]
Beijing Taihe Entertainment
Beijing Haipingmian Entertainment
Heyi Pictures
Beijing Weiying Shidai Technology
Shanghai Gewa Business Information Consulting[2]
Release date
  • July 24, 2014 (2014-07-24) (First Film Festival[1])
  • October 16, 2015 (2015-October-16) (China)
Running time
110 minutes
Box officeCN¥0.5 million




  • Huo Weimin as Xiao Weiguo[1]
  • Wang Xiaotian as Xiao Zongyao[1]
  • Luo Yun as Huang Huan[1]
  • Sun Li as Li Qin[1]
  • Shao Shengjie as Wang Baoshan[1]
  • Cao Xi'an as Chen Zili[1]
  • Jia Zhigang as Zhuang[1]
  • Zhu Ziqing as Bai Hu[1]
  • Wang Zichen as Bai Guoqing[1]
  • Zheng Yiqian as Xiaofeng[1]


Box officeEdit

The film has earned CN¥0.529 million at the Chinese box office.[2]

Critical responseEdit

Derek Elley of Film Business Asia gave the film a 6 out of 10, calling it "cleverly plotted but cramped by arty-indie direction."[1]


The film won the Grand Prix at the 30th Warsaw International Film Festival in Poland.


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