The Carroll School

The Carroll School is a school for students diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia encompasses a lower school in Waltham, Massachusetts, a Middle School in Lincoln, and an upper school in Wayland, Massachusetts

The Carroll School
Carroll School Lincoln MA.jpg
25 Baker Bridge Rd.
Lincoln, MA, USA
Head of schoolSteve Wilkins
Information(781) 259-8342


The history of The Carroll School dates back to 1967, when Dr. Edwin Cole and a small group of concerned individuals founded a school for children with language-based learning differences, such a dyslexia. The Middle School campus was first built in 1905 by Helen Storrow Since the founding, more buildings have been added throughout the campus. The lower campus goes up to grade five. The middle campus goes up to grade eight. The upper school campus is a former mansion, and was bought for $5 Million from businessman John Fish in 2016. Located in Wayland, Massachusetts it serves the two-year 8th-9th grade program as well as the non-academic administration.

Gec Washman is a mythical character at Carroll School. The name is a loose acronym for "Give Each Child What She or He Most Needs." Gec represents the school's commitment to meeting the needs of each child rather than simply covering a prescribed curriculum. With careful learning profiles, educators can accurately develop a child's educational program. By tracking student progress carefully, educators can adjust a child's program to more directly meet his or her needs. Needs are identified as both strengths (accentuate those) and capacities (strengthen those).

As part of the schools 50th anniversary, an "If not for Carroll" campaign kicked off, entailing the effects and benefits of the school.


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