The Blind Watchmaker (album)

The Blind Watchmaker is the fifth album by Mana ERG, released on 15 June 2004 (see 2004 in music). It builds on Mana ERG's ideas of coalescing forms of techno, drum 'n' bass, experimental and electronic ambient into a collage of modern music. Produced and recorded by Bruno de Angelis, contributors to the CD include Joe Erber (piano / guitar), Tiberio (guitars), and Lee Stacey (drum loops). Guest contributors who did some electronic arranging for The Blind Watchmaker include Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev and contemporary electronic creator Dieter Moebius (originally with the band Kluster).

The Blind Watchmaker
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Studio album by
Released15 June 2004
RecordedBDA Studio, West Sussex, UK
GenreExperimental, ambient, techno, electro, industrial
ProducerBruno De Angelis
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Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by All songs by Bruno De Angelis..

3."The Lynx"4:33
4."Cunctis Diebus"5:25
5."Angel of Chaos"5:50
7."Novi Mir"5:35
8."Burning Fields" (Instrumental)4:29
9."Children of the Rubble"5:05
10."[Untitled Track]"3:40


  • Bruno De Angelis - Writer / Recording / Producer / Programming / Vocals / Keys / Guitar
  • Martin Bowes - Mastering
  • Artemiy Artemiev - Composition
  • Deborah Roberts - Vocals
  • Tiberio - Guitars
  • Joe Erber - Piano
  • Antonym - Composition
  • Nihm - Didgeridoo / Synth
  • Dieter Moebius - Synths
  • Lee Stacey - Drum Programming