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The Black Panther Warriors is a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Clarence Fok and starring an ensemble cast of Alan Tang, Brigitte Lin, Simon Yam, Tony Leung, Dicky Cheung and Carrie Ng.

The Black Panther Warriors
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MandarinHēi Bào Tiān Xià
CantoneseHaak1 Paau3 Tin1 Haa6
Directed byClarence Fok
Produced byAlan Tang
Screenplay byTsang Kan-cheung
StarringAlan Tang
Brigitte Lin
Simon Yam
Tony Leung
Dicky Cheung
Carrie Ng
Jennifer Chan
Elsie Chan
Yuen Wah
Melvin Wong
Music byLowell Lo
CinematographyArthur Wong
Jingle Ma
Gigo Lee
Tony Cheung
William Yim
Eric Chu
Edited byCheung Ka-fai
Distributed byGala Film Distribution
Release date
18 November 1993 (1993-11-18)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$7,257,468



Black Cougar (Alan Tang) is a professional thief who charges high fees and had never made a mistake. One night, Cougar was hired by minister Chu (Melvin Wong) to steal a silver box to test the newly installed security system in the police headquarters. Panthers then assembles his team of acquaintances possessing special skills to assistant. They include dart-thrower Madam Rose (Carrie Ng), sharpshooter Mang-po Fai (Tony Leung), gambling expert and card thrower Black Jack Love (Simon Yam), computer genius Robert Parkinson (Dicky Cheung), and Cougar's junior fellow apprentice, Ching-ching (Brigitte Lin). During their operation, they realized that in order for them to activate the security system, they would need to obtain the weight of police officer Fat Wong (Sze Kai-keung) and the fingerprints of his partner Enna (Elsie Chan). When they finally obtain the fingerprints and weight of the two, Cougar proceeds to steal the silver box on his own. However, Cougar was ambushed and was abducted and trapped in a cell by his senior fellow apprentice Bloody Wolf (Yuen Wah). While Wolf was torturing Cougar, Cougar's assistant, Chan-chan (Jennifer Chan) comes to rescue him. Ching-ching also comes and fights Chan-chan, revealing the later to be a traitor. Ching-ching tells Cougar that this was all a setup by Wolf, which originated ten years ago when Wolf killed their mentor and faked his own death in order to obtain the "Cougar Head Blade". Chan-chan also comes back to confess and apologize for her betrayal and reveals that the silver box contains a photographic paper, which turns to be a photo showing Wolf killing his mentor. Cougar therefore decides to battle to the death with Wolf.




Andrew Sarooch of Far East Films gave the film a score of 2 out of 5 stars and criticizes its tasteless comedy and strange characters, but complements it imaginative action sequences.[1]

Box officeEdit

The film grossed HK$7,257,468 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 18 November to 1 December 1993.


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